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National Science Foundation - Graduate Research Fellowships (NSF-GRF)


The NSF-GRF is one of the nation's premiere fellowships for graduate students. Fellowships support students pursuing research-based master’s and doctoral degrees in the sciences, engineering, and social sciences. The three-year fellowship provides a stipend, a cost-of-education allowance, international research opportunities, internships with federal agencies, and access to supercomputing facilities.

Eligible fields of study: Chemistry, Computer & Information Science & Engineering, Engineering, Geosciences, Life Sciences, Materials Research, Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Psychology (except clinical/counseling), Social Sciences, and STEM Education & Learning Research. See full list of eligible fields in the Appendix of the Program Solicitation.

Ineligible fields of study: Joint professional degree-science programs (MD/PhD, JD/PhD, etc.), medical, dental, law, and public health programs, practice-oriented professional degree programs (MBA, MPH, MSW, JD, MD, DDS, etc.), and clinical study, including patient-oriented research or epidemiological and medical behavioral studies, outcomes research and health services research. Graduate study focused on community and other population-based medical intervention trials are also ineligible. However, research projects in bioengineering to aid persons with disabilities or to diagnose or treat human disease are eligible, provided they apply engineering principles to problems in medicine while primarily advancing engineering knowledge. See the GRF Program Solicitation for complete details on eligible and ineligible fields.


Award Disbursement:

Award Amount:

Application Materials:

Evaluation Criteria:

Applications will be evaluated according to NSF's two evaluation criteria: Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts. Applicants should familiarize themselves thoroughly with these two criteria. To do this, read the Program Solicitation and the Helpful Resources listed below and talk with your advisor and other letter writers. Your essays should address BOTH criteria explicitly.

Applications are due at 5:00 p.m. local time, as determined by the applicant's mailing address.

Helpful Resources:

RESOURCES FOR UIUC STUDENTS: The Graduate College's Office of External Fellowships offers the following services for NSF-GRF applicants:


GRFP Operations Center
Tel: 866-673-4737

Office of External Fellowships
Graduate College

Program Solicitation:


Categories: Annual stipend of at least $10,000; Social Sciences; Sciences/Engineering/Math; US Citizens, Nationals, or Permanent Residents; Master's; Early Years of Doctoral Program; Fellowship/Grant; Unrestricted

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